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  A LIVING LEGACY digital memories album is a keepsake for you and your family.  Share your lifetime of wit, stories, and wisdom as you are interviewed in the comfort of your home or other comfortable setting of your choice. 

Your lifetime of memories can be preserved for you and your family as they are captured on video in digital format.  Your son(s), daughter(s), grandchildren and future generations will benefit from your life history. 

You can choose the topics you would like to talk about.  As an inspiration review the following topics:

  • Your vital statistics - age, date of birth, place of birth
  • Health history
  • Your family history - parents, grand parents and ancestors
  • Stories and memories of our childhood
  • Stories about work
  • Humorous family stories and events
  • State of the world during your childhood - politics, architectural styles, wars, presidents, etc.
  • Your accomplishments and those of your family
  • Your favorite music
  • Your favorite actors/actresses
  • Your travels - road trips and destinations
  • Fashions of your youth
  • Trends of your youth
  • How your decisions and life lessons have affected your family

We care deeply about preserving your history and the history of those you love.  It is our intent to provide you and your loved ones with a family history that will be treasured.  As part of our service you will receive two DVDs.  Additional DVDs can also be made available.

Contact us for more details.



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